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Earth Sciences

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An Earthquake is the vibration of Earth produced by the rapid release of energy. most often earthquakes are caused by slippage along a fault in Earth's crust

concepts about earthquake1. The epicenter (epi=upon. center=a point) is the location on the surface directly above the focus.2. focus is the point of Earth where the rocks start to shock.3.Earthquake magnitudes, is a logarithmic scale.4. Waves: P-wave is the festest wave, lengthways, up and down.S- wave is second wave, transverse, shake.Surface wave is a mixed wave, and will destroy buildings.


seismic belt1, the circum-Pacific seismic belt: South America, Chile, Peru, Guatemala, North America, Mexico, the United States and other countries, about 80% of the world's earthquakes have taken place here.2, Eurasian seismic belt: the Euro-Mediterranean Greece, Turkey, China, more than twenty thousand kilometers across Europe, Asia, Africa, accounting for 15% of global earthquake.3, Ridge seismic belt: in the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean Ridge (underwater mountains).



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