Earthquake in Maule Chile, 2010

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Earthquake in Maule Chile, 2010

When the earthquake with a magnitude of 8.8 ceased, there was about 30 billion dollars in property damage, 17,000 people dead, and around 800,000 people homeless. Something that didn't make anything better was when a tsunami hit the coast during the disaster.

Maule, Chile



Maule, Chile

Maule, Chile is considered the location of the earthquake because it was the closest city to the epicenter, and the most damaged, even though the earthquake itself was in the South-East pacific ocean off the coast of Chile. The plates were on a converging boundary.

This is a famous picture of a building that literally split in half during the earthquake

Expenses, casualties, and aftermath homeless people

February 27, 2010 35.846 South, 72.719 West


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