[2014] Jorja Affleck: Earthquake

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Earth Sciences

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[2014] Jorja Affleck: Earthquake

How Are Earthquakes Caused?

Earthquakes are caused when two tectonic plates under the ground rub against each other and the energy from the two plates makes the surface above shake violently and cracks in the sufrace can be caused, with devestating effects to the surrounding land form.


Where Do Earthquakes Occur Most Often?


How Do Earthquakes Change Places and Affect People?

How Do Earthquakes Connect People and Places?

What Are The Factors That Influence These Interconnections?

How Do People Measure Earthquakes?

- People could have family and friends in the place that has been affected by the natural disaster and would want to help them. - People could have been to that country before several times and would want to help that country so they would probably send over a donation to help the people in the destroyed area. - People may have something to do with that country (like they might be involved with that place somehow) and hopefully they would want to help in one way or another and they could start a fundraiser or something like that and then other people would get involved as well.

The magnitude of an earthquake, usually expressed by the richter scale, is a measure of the largness of the seismic waves. The moment magnitude of an earthquake is a measure of the amount of energy released - an amount that can be estimated from seismograph readings.

I think that earthquakes can change places by destroying their landform and destroying the towns that people live in and that will affect people because they may have nowhere to live anymore and they might have n food because most of the crops, plants etc would be destroyed if the earthquake was high magnitude.

Significant natural disasters can connect people and places because the places that have had an earthquake hit them, may need aid and the other countries hear about this from the news and sen dover aid and this can connect people and places and create a stronger relationship/bond between the two.

Earthquake usually occur along the edges of tectonic plates. No part of the earths surface is free from earthquakes but the most danerous earthquake zones are Alaska, Canada, Albania, Japan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Iran, Iraq, Algeria, New Zealand, Fiji, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Bolivia.



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