[2015] cassidy chargers (RM23Chargers): Earthquake

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Earth Sciences

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[2015] cassidy chargers (RM23Chargers): Earthquake

Earthquak safety tipsSome safety tips are if you have a large heavy breakable things on a shelf put someting under neath so it will hold it up. Also have a safe spot were you can meet with your famly incase anything happens. Practice your plan every month to be safe. If you by a housetry not to get one close to any kind of water.


Earthquakes are caused by a sudden shifting of the earths crust. Also when the plates move a earthquak is suddenly caused. It is found in a way that earths crust is put togeather. The earthquakes start in a area around the pacific ocean were some of the plates in the ocean meet.

Tsunami and a earthquak together

Some of the effects a earthquak can do are it can wash away shores because the earthqauk can create a tsunami. The tsunami can travel 5,000 miles a hour. It can knock of your roof and flood your house.The guess for when a earthquak happens about 283,000 people can die. The waves can reach up to 100 feet tall and could knock down a lot of big buildings.

train track hit by earthquak

Hotel hit by a earthquak

Graph of A earthquk



What are earthquakesEarthquakes are when tectonic plates hit eachother and it creates a big earthquak or a small earthquak. Also when it forms it can go almost across the whole world. When earthquakes create it becomes a very big hazard also it can create a tsunami.


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