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Earth is made up of the crust the mantle and the core. Earth's crust is made up of 32 % iron, 30 % oxygen, 15 % silicon, 14 % magnesium, 3 % sulfer 2 % nickel, and trace amounts of calcium, alluminum, and other elements. The mantle is under the crust and it is 1800 miles deep. It is mostly made of silicate rich in magnesium and iron . The rocks act sort of like a lava lamp because they will get really hot and rise then cool back down and sink back down. This is what is believed to cause the tectonic plates to move. The core is the center of Earth. There are two parts the the core the solid inner core which has a radius of aproximitly 760 miles , and the liquid outer core which is composed of nickel- iron alloy nd is about 1,355 miles thick. The liquid out core is thought to cause Earth's magnetic field.

God named earth. Genisis 1:10 And God called the fry land Earth.


Earth's Gravity is 9.807 m/s2

Earth is 149,600,000 Km from th sun.

Earths Compostition

Earth is the third planet from the sun.

No one person is given credit for Earth's discovery.

Earth's climate is different depending dependig on where you are on the planet. Because Earth has a wide range of climates and ifferent whether patterns , Earth is able to support living things. Earths whether includes rain, snow, sleet, hail, and sunny. The temperature range for earth is very diverse from around -200 degress f. to around 100 degrees f.

Earth rotaion around the sun takes 365 days to be complete. A day on earth is equal to 24 hours.

Earth has one moon. The moon doesnt have any rings or moons. More than 100 spacecrafts have been launched to explore our moon. The moon is rocky with craters, and has a solid surface body. The moons atmosphere is very thin and weak, otherwise known as an Exospere.

Earth's major gases in the atmosphere are, nitrogen, and oxygen, the miner gases are, argon, carbon dioxide, water vapor, and other gases.

Earth has many physical feature. These include mountains, oceans, plains and more!

Earths minor gases are Argonand Carbon Dioxide.

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Earths major gases in the atmosphere are Nitrogen, and Oxygen


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