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1.How far away is it from the sun? 2 planets away.

2.Is there any proof of life? Yes humans

3.How many moons are there if any, if so what are their names? One Lunar

4.It's rotation period and axis. It's rotation period is ounce in 23 hours and 56 minutes, its axis is an imaginary line beetween the North Pole and South.

5.It's compision. Planetisimals composed largely of metallic iron makes up earths composition.

How hot is it during the day , how cold is it at night? The average temperature is 16 c the lowest ever documented 89.2 c the highest documented 58 c.

Where did it get it's name?Earth came from the anglo saxon word erda. Earth also came from the germanic equivalent erde. After all that it became eartha from old english then got changed to earth because they thiought the a made it too long.

What is it's orbital path?

How much gravitational pull does it have? these are the planets and their pull Sun 27.9Mercury 0.37, Venus 0.88, Earth 1.00, Moon 0.16, Mars 0.38, Jupiter 2.64, Saturn 1.15, Uranus 0.93, Neptune 1.22, Pluto 0.06.

It's atmosphere: Earths atmosphere is made up of 79% nitrogen, 20% oxygen, and 1% other gases.

What galaxy is it in? Earth is located in "The milky way".

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Here is a essay on three things i'd bring with me.


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