Earth Science

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Earth Sciences

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Earth Science

Resources are anything in nature that people value. Air and water are natural resources because like other organisms people depend on water and air to survive. People use energy resources like fossol fuals. Renewable resources are things that can be renewed over thousands of years or that we never run out of. Such as Wind,wood,air,water,rock, and others. Non-renewable resources are things that can not be renewed over thousands of years or they run out of it. Because if you run out you run out you can't get any more.

All soils aren't alike. They have different ingredients included. Soil can be amended. Soil contains minarals from both living and non-living sources. Soils are not made equaly. Some are better for growing crops and plants then others. To know what kind of soil you have, you have to have a soil analasis.

Properties of Soil

Slow Changes /Sun

There are lots and lots of kinds of weather. Like hale, thunderstorms,sunny days, cloudy days, and much more. Did you Know that clouds are made of water and when they can not hold any more they burst that makes rain. Hale is Ice. Lightning is a form of energy that looks like a bolt. Weather is very complicated.


Earth Science


The stages if the water cycle are1.Evaporation~ When the sun heats the water, so the water rises and that is evaporation.2.Condensation~ When the water in the sky meets and form a cloud and that is condensation.3.Persipitation~ When the clouds let the water/moisture fall to the ground in 4 ways* and that is persipitation4.Acumalation~ When the water builds up on the ground* and that is acumalation*The 4 ways of persipitation are; hail, sleet, snow, and rain. *When it builds up on the ground it forms lakes, rivers, oceans, and puddles.

The rocks and soil are constently being moved.Everything is being is renewable or non-renewable. Everything is being weathered. If something is hot and cold it can be broken into little peices. Plants and animals cause weathering to. There is cemical,and Physical weathering. There is erosion to the rocks by the sea. Here are some vocabulary words. Physical weathering,cemical, weathering,tempature, Ice, organic activity, gravity,and erosion. SunThe sun is the main energy source of the earth and all living things. Did you know that the sun is a big star of energy. The sun heats the earth. If we did not have the sun we would be either freezing or already dead. The sun has vitamin c in it to. The suns energy gives energy to other organisms such as plants an d animals even people. Imagin you wake up on a summer morning ready to play outside in the warm sunshine and when you go outside everything is black and cold. You would probraly feel like going back into your nice warm bed. Thats why we need the sun.

There are 3 different types of patterns; moon phases, tides, and shadows. Moon phases are like full moon and cresent moon,half moon, and much more. Shadows are caused when the sun shines on something and something else is blocking its way, that creates a shadow. Tides on the ocean are caused by the moon. Also people watch the tides and predict what time there going to happen. Like say there is high tide at 6:00pm and a low tide at 2:00am.


Water Cycle


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