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Earth Sciences

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Earth Science

The video featured above is a National Geographic representation of various Earthquakes in history. This natural disaster is a key part of Earth Science due to the shifting of rock under the surface.

Earth Science ROCKS!!!

Earth Science!

The photos above are examples of the three rock types and how they relate to one another. The top left image is a Sedimentary Rock (Conglomerate). The bottom two (from left to right) are Igneous (Obsidian) and Metamorphic (Gneiss) rocks. The importance of the top right image is that it is the rock cycle which demonstrates how these rocks are all formed and related.

What is Earth Science?

Below are three diagrams of the types of plate boundaries. The bottom left image shows a convergent boundary in which the oceanic crust is subducted under the continental crust. The bottom left shows a divergent boundary where the plates move apart (largely found on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge). Lastly, the top image here is a transform boundary as the crust moves side by side.


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