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Earth Sciences

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Earth matthew southwick


Which is Earth’s closest star? The sun about 93 million miles away.

What is Earth? a planet is a large and spherical surface usually made of some sort of rock and orbits a star.

Where is Earth? In the milky way.

What is the geography of Earth like? Rocky with oceans,plains,mountains,volcanos,and some craters.

How are the words revolve and rotate associated with Earth? Because the earth rotates kind of like a top it also revolves around the sun because it travels around the sun.

What is Earth’s atmosphere like? What gases are in it? nitrogen 78 percent oxygen 21 percent carbon dioxide and 1 percent of the gasses is other gasses.

What does Earth have that no other known planet has? living things which need Air and water.

What are the temperatures on Earth? Highest and lowest? Locations? Highest is 136f in libyan desert and lowest is -126f vostok station antarctica.

How fast is Earth traveling through space? About 66,629 miles per hour.


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