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Earth infographic

Hello IgnoranceGoodbye WorldHow human ignorance is destroying our home

Today, there are over7,000,000,000humans in the world.Experts estimate that Earth can only accomodate 2 billion people sustainably

Calculations show that the planet has available 1.9 hectares of biologically productive land per person to supply resources and absorb wastes—yet the average person on Earth already uses 2.3 hectares worth. North Americans average 9.7 Hectares

NASA estimates that all arctic sea ice will have melted away by the summer of 2014

On avergae, humans use up more energy than the earth can provide for. We destroy ecosystems and have become selfish. We take more than we need. If this continues, there will be global population and economic crashes. We'll kickstart our own distopian future.

Where is the tipping point?An overwhelming amount of the energy humans depend on comes from sunlight, past (oil) or present (solar power and food). However, because we don't have the technology to sustain 7 billion people on current sunlight, there will be a global crisis when oil and coal deposits are exhausted. If humans as a species don't shed our selfish tendencies and start to be aware of what we're doing, this impending energy crisis will cause mass extinction of our species. This will be terrible for us, but the planet will live on. Hopefully we can find a way to coexist with our planet before it's too late.

There is literally not enough room on the earth to feed the people on it.



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