Earth in Space

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Earth Sciences

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Earth in Space

The sky is very vast and unable to see the whole thing. Since the Earth is always revolving around the Sun, and spinning to make days, the sky is moving. Just as the Moon has phases, it is the same with the constellations. During each season we can see different portions of the sky so we see different constellations we couldn't see before.

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Earth in Space

The hemisphere that is tilted towards the Sun is warmer because sunlight travels more directly to the Earth's surface. The hemisphere tilted towards the Sun has longer days and shorter nights. So when it is summer in North America it is winter in Austrailia!

The seasons are caused by the amount of sunlight hitting the Earth as it revolves around the Sun. The Earth is tilted on its axis and travels around the Sun each year.

Earth's Tilt & Rotation Causes Seasons!


NEWS FLASH!Our solar system, as big as it is, only has 1 star! Can you guess which one? It is the Sun!


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