Earth Day

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Earth Sciences

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Earth Day

Earth Day

Even if i doesn't seem to, water is decreasing. In my opinion, water is mostly decreasing by contamination and abuse of the people who don't care and think that water sources are unlimited. Some countries have to pay more for a bottle of water than for a bottle of wine. I think that if we keep on like this, water will have a cost higher than petroleoum.

Smog is one of the most known ways of air pollution. Anyway, there are more ways for air pollution. Some are visible, some are not. For example, sulfur dioxide is a component that is asociated with the weather change that causes the acid rain. Cars and fabrics are the most known producers of smog.

In 1969, at a conference at San Francisco, Gaylord Nelson gave an idea to honor the Earth at the concept of peace at March 21. In 1970, the Earth Day was celebrated a month later. Gaylord Nelson recieved an award in honor of his work.

Earth Day History

1st ProblemAir Pollution

Ideas to prevent this problem

Using solar energy or wind energy. Some governments around the world are already aplying this type of technique to help preventing air pollution. Hydroelectricity can be another technique to help prevent this problem.

2nd ProblemWater decreasing

Ideas to prevent this problem

Here in Guatemala, a good solution could be stop sending the sewer water to the rivers and use that water correctly. Don't waste water while taking a long bath or washing your car every day. I think that with the inventions of the today world, we could find a way to dismineralize sea water and use some of it instead of wait until all water sources are drained.

Ideas to prevent this problem

3rd ProblemDeforestation

Deforestation is another big problem. It is all about to clear forests to do products, build fabrics, for wood selling or for highways. One of the most known problem is the paper production. Fortunately, around the world still are some protected areas where people keep endangered animals or plants.

Recycling is being developed by many countries around the world. Protected areas are still growing. People cut a tree and then plant 4 new ones. If you think about it, this problem has many solutions that can be developed.

Helping in your Community

You can always help in some way. You can contribute taking short showers, planting trees, recycling, taking care of the environment, pick up trash and put it where it needs to be. The most efective way to help is telling people all the problems and how to prevent them. Maybe you could make then open their eyes and tell them to help you.

Gaylord Nelson

Earth is beatuiful! Take care of it!


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