Earth Day Story Part 2

by MrWarner82
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Language Arts

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Earth Day Story Part 2

Second Half of our Earth Day Story

by Suzy Smith

Because she refused to recycle, her whole house was full of trash. She looked outside and the yard and sidewalk was full of trash too!

Ella had a dream that night...

Ella had a dream that was more like a nightmare! She dreamed that she woke up one day and found her house full of trash!

When she went to brush her teeth,she turned on the water and it wasall brown and nasty!

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Ella looked outside and she couldn't see the sun! She tried to turn on the lights and there was no electricity!

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Because Ella had not listened to her Mom and not recycled or saved electricity or water, the whole world was a mess!

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Just then, Ella woke up from her dream! Wow she had been scared! From then on, she decided she would recycle, help save water and electricity and help care for the Earth!



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