[2015] Kevin Qian: Earnest Henry Shakleton

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[2015] Kevin Qian: Earnest Henry Shakleton

Earnest Henry Shakletonby:Kevin Qian and Ian Rosland

Backround KnowledgeEarneast Henry Shaklton was born in Kilkee, Ireland in 1874. He wasn't that good of a child in boarding school. He was apart of a wealthy family and had a good education. He had many good and some bad character traits including, determined, caring, mischeveous (when young), cautious, and reckless. He was intrested in sailing ever since he was a jounior officer aboard HMS Discovery. When he got older, he went farther south than anyone else before. He was also the first to attempt to go to the South Pole.

Goals, Tools, and ObstaclesHis goal was to reach the bottom of the world but he sadly, never made it. The reason why he never made it was because of bad weather, exustion, hunger, peer pressure.Czar Peter also hoped to lead Russia to top of the world, and Earnest wanted Britain to have more power over the poles. He also had his boat sank due to pressure through ice. His tools while he was stranded on Elephant Island (the place where he shipwrecked) were basic survival utilities including, hammers, tents, lumber, sleeping bags, little clothes, and 3 lifeboats.

How Earnest changed our lives and should we still go to the South Pole.Earnest Henry Shakleton changed evryones life by saying, "The only luck you can ever get is bad luck" and "Always something good will come out after something bad"(He was rescued after he got strandded on elephant island).We feel like this kind of exploration still should be countinued today, because now we have better gear and there are so many species of animals left to discover and terrain.

Fun FactsEven thoungh Earnest Henry Shakleton attempted to go to the South Pole twice, he never made it because first his crew forced him to gog back becuase of starvation and exaustion, and the second time, he got shipwrecked on Elephant Island Which officially made him the unluckiest and the biggesfaliure in life ever.


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