Early year Milestones

by Tlindsley90
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Early year Milestones

Developmental Milestones of My Niece and Nephew

Time Line


Physical-running,jumping,hopping.throwing, catching all become more refined. can use scissors, draw pictures, can use forkCognitive-grasps conversations, understands cause and effect, sorts familiar objects into hierarchy, uses script to recall familiar experiences, understands beliefs and desires determine behavior, know numbers to 10Emotioal-describes self (describable characteristics), first friendships, relies more on language, experience self-conscious emotions





Physical-height and height increase, balance improves, walking becomes smoother, running emerges.Cognitive-use of more language, make believe play emerges, can sympathis with others, recognitive memory developes, begins counting.

Physical- start to lose primary teeth, increases in running speed, gallops more smoothly, displays mature, flexible throwong and catching patterns, ties shoes.Cognitive- Magical beliefs decline, attention and planning continue to improve, understanding of false belief strengthens, recognition, recall, scripted memory, and autobiographical memory improves. Emotional- ability to interpret , predict and influence others, better at solving social problems, acquired many moral relevant rules, gender stereotyped behaviors and beliefsand preference for same-sex playmates continue to strengthen.



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