Early Texas Indians

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Early Texas Indians

The Jumano are descendants of the Anasazi and lived in Adobe (mud) style homes built as part of villages. They were farmers and used irrigation to help grow crops. They also traded with other groups. There are no Jumano villages in Texas today.

The Karankawa lived south of the Caddo along the Gulf of Mexico . They were nomads which means they moved around. Their houses had walls made of grass or animal skins and they could move them. Each village had its own chief. For food they fished, hunted, gathered plants, and searched for shellfish.

The Caddo, Karankawa, Jumano, and Commanche all roamed the area we now call Texas.

Texas Long Ago!

The Caddo were descendants of the Mound Builders. They were farmers and they worked together closely. Their government is what's called a Confederacy. A Confederacy is made up of groups of people who agree to work together for a common goal. They lived in unique beehive shaped homes.

The Commanche moved here from the Northern Great Plains. Like the Karankawa they were nomads. They followed the buffalo herds for food and supplies. They were powerful hunters and fighters. They traveled in bands and each band had a leader. They got their horses from the Spanish.

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