Early Russia

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Early Russia

No one wanted power more than Ivan III. As Ivan grew older he became a great military leader, he led an army angainst his fathers enemies.later his father

Vocabulary Slavs-a group of people living in Russia during the middle ages III-Roman numarul for 3czar- A Russian title for an emperorIV- Roman numaral for 5

Early Russia

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In 1530 IvanIV was born a priest warned his father that he was a wicked boy. He was a troubled angry kid. When he bacame a czar he had chosen Anastasia Romanovna. Lucky for Russia she helped calm him down

MongolsInstead of trade the mongols wanted to the slavs to pay them taxes. During the 13th century the mongols were one of the strongest forces. They concored China almost all of India and Russia!

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VikingsWhile settling they found some unfriendly nieghbors also known as vikings. The vikings threatend them to trade with them or they will destroy there village so the slavs had to trade with them Soon though they would learn to get along and have peace.

Russia began with small villages. Various people lived in this area to trade or conquer! Most of the people came from Poland. Most of these people were farmers.

A dynamic woman from Germany became part of Russian history and her name was Catherine the Great. She married PeterIII. Peter threatened to plunge Russia into war so Catherine agried to help over throw him. When they did Catherine took the throne. She did many things now like open a warm water port called Odessa and opened a fur trade in Alaska but in 1796 Catherine died of a stroke.

died so he soon rose to power. So IvanIII became a czar, and started making up stories about himself to gain a reputation.


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