Early Roman Timeline

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Early Roman Timeline





395 BC


This picture represenets the 12 Table the Romans used as laws to control the people

Early Roman TimelineBy: Sophia Riva

Rome became a republic when the Romans overthrew the Tarquins when they were becoming more and more cruel

The Etruscans ruled Rome when Etruia took control of most of Rome and Latium. The Etruscans were the first settlers on this land and were skilled workers who helped Rome prosper during this time.

The Twelve Tables were the laws written to control the people of Rome. This helped to show equal rights among the people of Rome.

The Romans adopt The Twelve Tables

This picture represents the areas that Octavian and Antony split up of the Roman Empire

The Etruscans rule Rome

Rome is split into Eastern and Western parts

Rome Split into Eastern and Western parts due to the conflict between Octavian and Antony, so to settle this conflict they split into Eastern and Western parts. Eventually, Octavian overthrew Anotony because he tried to steal his throne

Cincinnatus became Rome's first dictator when a powerful army had surrounded one of Rome's army. After demolishing the army Cincinnatus went back to his farm but was offered the spot as a leader.

The Fall of Rome

This picture represents the fall of ancient Rome who was overthrown by the Germans and when they brought Catholocism

This picture represents one of the Etruscans who invaded Rome

Cinncinatus became Rome's first dictator

This picture represents the process of Rome becoming a republic

Rome becomes a republic

Rome fell when the Germans overthrew the Romans. Once they brought Catholicism the population scattered and that is how Rome came to a fall


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