Early Intervention

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Early Intervention

Risk FactorsFamily history of learning disordersSmoking/alcohol/drug use during pregnancyPrenatal/postnatal complicationsStress/depression during pregnancyToxins in the childs environment

Talk to pediatricianHave child evaluatedCommunity Early Intervention ProgramWrite down names and numbers of everyone talked toContact CHILD FIND to obtain a free screening

CHILD FINDhttp://www.kidsource.com/NICHCY

Timeframes*Early intervention system receives a referral *Within 45 days a screening is performed: -Initial evaluation of child -Initial assessments of the child and family -Writing an IFSP


Roles of the parent/guardianSeek helpTalk to PediatricianPrevent child abuse/neglect Improve parenting skills Strengthen family structure Improve the child's developmental/social/ educational gains Seek healthcare needs Seek support groups Positive behavior strategiesBe your childs advocate

Roles of the State-Early InterventionLocate, identify, evaluate childrenProvide Developmental MilestonesExplain how to get helpEarly Intervention ProgramsProvide training and resources on Raising Special Kids

Empowering Parents Through Education

Roles of Providers Parent training and resourcesSocial workPsychological ServicesTherapeutic learning classroomsNutrition servicesVision/Audiology servicesFamily trainingOccupational Therapists


Develop an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP)

Early Intervention Strategies


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