Early Intervention Strategies

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Early Intervention Strategies

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Time FramesRate of human learning development is most rapid in preschool years. (Smith,B.)Immediate positive parent involvement plays a crucial roll in development. Early Intervention starts at birth. From age 0 to 6 is a crucial development stage.

South Carolina Roles of Providers of Service in Early InterventionImplement all components of E.I. andAdhere to the philosophy outlined in S.C. manual. (SCDDSN)1) Ensure services outlined in IFSP/IEP.2) Collaborate with community.3) Support South Carolina BabyNet Teams4) Collaborate with South Carolina First Steps5) Providers should always have: Current list of staff members6) Signature sheet for Early Interventionist & Support personnel7) Credential Folder for each staff member (SCDDSN)

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Early Intervention Strategies Early Intervention applies to children of school aged or younger who may be at risk of becoming handicapped or special needs (Smith,B.).3 Reasons For Early InterventionEnhance DevelopmentProvide Family SupportMaximize Child & Family Benefit to SocietyEarly intervention has been proven as cost affective and can save thousands of dollars in the future.

One in 68 Children have been identified with Autism Spectrum Disorder. One in 6 children age 3-17 have a developmental disability (CDC & Prevention).

South Carolina's Role in Early Intervention StrategiesThere are 13 centers Representing 8 States in the South East. South Carolina offers Parent Training & Information Centers (PTI) statewide. Community Parent Resource Centers (CPRC) provide services for a specific community.Bright Start Assist families helping children reach Developmental Milestones. The Parent Training and Resource Center1575 Savannah Highway - Suite 6, Charleston, SC 29407(843) 266-1318 - www.frcdsn.org - bevmccarty@frcdsn.org

Risk FactorsHow can we help your child succeed?634 of South Carolina Children ages 0-5 are experiencing at least one risk factor for poor health, school and deveopmental outcomes (Grigg, M., Sides, K. & Vaka, C., 2014).Each developmental stage builds on prior development. There is no greater influence than the family in regards to developmental and we can either provide positive support or create risk factors for childhood problems (Grigg,M. 2014).There are many many contributions to Risk Factors. Early Intervention is critical to improving outcomes and giving your child a better future.

Your Role as a Parent/Guardian in Early Intervention*Accept and understand *Acquire Knowledge State and Local *Improve your skills - communication/ research *Participate, participate and participate (Yell, M. Ph.D. & Drasgow, Ph.D.)Family Resource Center for Disabilities and Special NeedsSPECIAL EDUCATION — A CRASH COURSEPartners Resource Network helps empowering parents through education (CDC & Prevention).Parent Training and Resource Center1575 Savannah Highway - Suite 6, Charleston, SC 29407 (843) 266-1318 - www.frcdsn.org - bevmccarty@frcdsn.org

South Carolina's Bright Start Is for children from birth to six years. Assist families helping children reach Developmental Milestones.Early InterventionCase ManagementSpeech Therapywww.BrightStartSC.com

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