Early Intervention Strategies

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Early Intervention Strategies

Early InterventionStrategies



NO one knows your child better than YOU.If you think your child has a developmental delay or a disability here's what you can do!


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1. Talk to your peditrician2. Request an free of cost evaluation 3. Log on to www.nich.org/stateorganizationsearchby-state to find local community early intervention program in your state

steps 1. Observation are heard by Peditrican and get a referral2. You decide whether or not to follow referral3. Your child gets an assigned service cordinator to help obtain an Individualize family service Cordinator (IFSP)4. :Your child will be evaluated by qualified doctors to determine elligibity

ROLESSERVICE PROVIDERS* Assigned to help create your child's and families individualized family service plan(IFSP).They also help identify and cordinate the services needed for you child

rolesState:Under sect. 7 in the I.D.E.A. your child is entitled to a timely, multidiciplinary evaluation and assessmet If your child is found elligible the state will pay for the evaluations and assesesments.

LIST OF SERVICES PROVIDEDFamliy training, cousenling, home visits, Speech-language, pathology servicesAudio service Occupational therapyPhysical therapyPsychological services, medical service Social worker servicesAssistive technology devicesTransportation Nutrition cordination services www.health.ny.gov/publications


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