Early Intervention

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Early Intervention

Early Intervention

If You Qualify for Services - The IFSPYou will collaborate with child development professionals to determine your child’s strengths and concerns in social/emotional, physical, cognitive, communication, and adaptive areas. Your input is highly valued in the creation of an Individualized Family Service Plan to meet your child’s early developmental needs as well as the needs of your family. The team will identify services such as occupational/physical/speech therapy, family training, assistive technology, and others that are necessary for your child’s success. You will also create a plan for transition into an appropriate early childhood program by age three.

Early intervention is essential to the success of children with special needs. Every child can learn. Some children need extra help in order to learn. Identifying signs early and giving children the support they need now is the most important step toward a successful future.

The earlier, the better

START HEREClick the checkbox to view typical developmental milestones.

For more details on the qualification process and the IFSP

The IFSP is reviewed every six months and updated at least once per year.

Concerns?Help is available. Screening is free!• Talk to your pediatrician.• Contact your local Child Find for a screening to see if your child could benefit from intervention services.• Screenings are funded by the state.• If your child is in childcare/preschool, your provider should refer you to Child Find if there are any concerns. • Watch the video below to learn more about Child Find.

VIDEO:Milestones and early intervention.(Promo, but informational)

The state has 45 daysfrom the initial referral to complete the process, including IFSP if applicable.


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