Early Humans

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Early Humans

Early HumansPaleoarchaeologist

Cro Magnon had shelter in caves and limestone cliffs. Wore jewelry made of bone, teeth and shells. Used stool tools.Neanderthal has evidence of human burials, various forms of shelter (brush or skins over caves) controlled use of fire, wore clothing (hides), used stone tools.Homo Sapiens used sophisticated tools, nets, harpoons, bone and antlers, and bone needles. They produced art, engraving, sculpting, beads, clay, musical instruments, and cave painting. They also practiced rituals, such as burrying their dead.

Australopithecus were not thought to have used tools. But recent discoveries show that they may have used stone tools to carve meat.Homohabilis used stone tools during the beginning of the Stone Age. The tools were called pebble tools are were made and stored for a specific purpose, not picked up randomly.Homo Erectus crafted more versatile tools in the stone flake style: hand axes, spears, and cleavers. They hunted in groups and discovered the use of fire.

Pebble tools

Stone tools

Cro Magnon bone necklace

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Neanderthal cave

Homo Sapien cave painting

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