Early Humans

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Early Humans

Early Humans

Australopithecine (3). Developed 1.76 million years ago. Lived in Eastern Africa. Survived by eating soft fruit and ate brittle foods when fruit wasn't avalible. . Climbed trees

Homo Habilis (5). Nickname ¨Handy Man¨. The first makers of stone tools. Lived in East and South Africa. Average height 3ft and 4 in.. Average weight 70lbs

Homo Erectus (1). Average height 4 ft and 9 in. Average weight 88-150 lbs. Lived 1.89 million years ago. Nickname ¨ Upright Man¨. Ate nuts,berries, fruits, grasses, and some meats.

Cro Magnon (4)* Brain capacity about 1,600 cubic centimeters* Called the earliest modern human* Cro Magnon bones found in a rock shelter at Les Eyzies in France

Neanderthal (2)* Also known as Neandertal* Males stood 164-168 cm tall* Women stood 152-156 cm tall

Homo Sapien (6)* Also known as ¨ Wise Man¨* Began to evolve 200,000 years ago.* First fossils discovered in 1868* More delicate skeletons, higher foreheads, smaller faces, and pointer chins than Neanderthals.



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