Early Humans

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Early Humans

Homo Erectus"Upright Man"

Early Humans

Learning about the Evolution of Humans

Time Line

3 Million BCE

"Southern Ape" & Lucy

- First true humans- First tool maker w/ stone tools- Lived in Africa- Taller, had a larger brain

- Made and controlled fire- First hunters- Traveled over land bridges from Africa to begin to populate the world

- Cave paintings- Well constructed huts with central hearth for fires- Necklaces and pendants- Statues made from ivory, antler, bone- Tools and weapons for hunting and fishing- Oil lamps- Used honey to sweeten food- End of the last Ice Age, approx. 10,000 years ago

- Neanderthals buried their dead with ceremony- Stone-tipped spears, bone needles, bone fish hooks, sewed their clothes from animal skins, warm boots

-Basic traits of humans - Walked on two legs- Main physical difference between early man and apes are the hands.

2 Million BCE

"Handy Man"

1.5 Million BCE

"Upright Man"

500,000 BCE

25,000-10,000 BCE

"Wise Man" & Neanderthals

"Moderns" & Cro-Magnon

Homo Habilis"Handy Man"

Home Sapiens"Wise Man" & Neanderthals

Homo Sapiens Sapiens & "Moderns"

AustralopithecusAfarensis"Southern Ape"


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