Early English

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Early English

Jealousy drove a lot of texts to be written. The jealousy between Morton and Bradford especially influenced two completelyopposite accounts on events that took place in the same space.

G is for Generosity

Early English Primer: Part 2

H is for Hatred

J is for Jealousy

Love for everyone, even enemies remains key for an ideal, perfect society.

Exploring new land was very intriguing and led to both Vaca and Columbus discovering land exceeding.

Mischief was the main reason behind the numerous Witch Trials that occurred during early American days. It was also present among the merryness during the time on Mare Mount in many ways.

Rowlandson and Equiano wrote narratives with the same basis, to tell of their Captivity cases.

Even though hatred was always looked down upon and dismissed, whether it was towards the Natives, the Separatists, or slaveryit still extists.

N is for Narrative

L is for Love

I is for Intriguing

G is for Generosity

Generosity towards every brother and sister is what Withrop demanded. That one must give without expecting it would be payed back, always give open handed.

M is for Mischief


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