Early English Literature

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Early English Literature

Early English Literature Primer Part 3

O is for Overwhelming Hope

Hope in her future with Christ was what allowed Bradstreet to take comfort in her current dispair.Just as hope in her future allowed Rowlandson to overcome her struggles with prayer.

Not all explorers had much success with every quest.

The separatists sought to break away from the Church of England and purify religion. Because of this divide, Bradford had a predetermined negative view of Morton.

Pride influenced the tone of most early American literature, making these authors sound much more high and mighty then they were in actual stature.

Repentance is what Taylor's Soul cried out for. He wanted Christ to remember the suffering he endured. He confessed his dire need for grace,and how he felt always forced by the Devils choking embrace.

P is for Pride

Q is for Quest

R is for Repentence

S is for Separatists

A plethora of trials is what many facedwho were accused of being witches with disgrace.

T is for Trials


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