Early English Literature

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Early English Literature

Ashamed and embarrassed was what Anne Bradstreet felt and ment when her book was published without her consent.

A is for Ashamed

A is for Ashamed

B is for Bradford

Christ was kept the center of most writings and early literature. To please Christ remained most authors intent and purpose.

Bradford wrotewith an intent to add his own chapter to a Bible and make his account reliable.

Total dependence on God was what Bradstreet discoveredwas keyas her house burnt in flames along with her processionsfor all to see.

C is for Christ

D is for Dependence

Early English Literature Primer

Most Early Amercian literature authors recorded  longing to be an example for others of how they should live their lives to strive.

Freedom is what both Rowlandson and Equiano desired through their journeys they became people to admire.

E is for Example

F is for Freedom


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