Early Christian Artefacts

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Early Christian Artefacts

Early Christian Artifacts

Simon Peters video explanationThis is a video made on the Martyr Simon Peter. It talks of his missionary activity, who he was and what he did. It has a lot of scripture references, feel free to read them!

Early Christian symbol Explanation This symbol signifies the pain and suffering the Christians went through for their religion. It shows how even though they suffered they didn't give up on their religion. It's also a symbol of faith and dedication. This symbol is believed to represent Christians who became Martyrs.

Our best archeologist have dug up the remains of an ancient Christian symbol, they have tried to redraw what this symbol would have looked like.

The picture above is a photo of an ancient mosaic remade from the remains of the temple in Jerusalem.

Bibliography Ancient_Mosaic:http://scrumpdillyicious.blogspot.com.au/2013/03/ravennas-early-christian-byzantine.html Background:www.lipstickalley.com/showthread.php/719581-Advances-brought-to-Europe-by-MoorsChristian Symbol: Adobe IllustratorPaul's Diary: KeynoteSimon Peter Video: iMovie + Pic collage

This is an ancient diary of Paul's life. Found in the ruins of the prison in Caesarea. Click to read.


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