Early Childhood

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Early Childhood

As children move into early childhood their gaits become smooth & rhythmic-secure enough so that they start running, jumping, and leads into stronger skills during the years of 3-6.Some physical development milestones: At 3 yrs, a child can throw and catch a ball by trapping it against their chest. By the age of 5 a child can truly skip, sidestep, and increases speed in running.Some language development milestones: aquires phonological awareness, the understanding of letter sounds & how they blend together. They also use metaphors which are based on concrete ensory comparisons(Beck,2013) This helps them to link known ideas with new vocabulary which helps them to communicate clearly.Some cognitive development milestones: they begin to count, gain a longer attention span, groups items together, are more spatially aware of surrounding, and start to understand make believe are representation activities, they can link them to real life.Some Atypical milestones: lack of speech, no eye contact, overly hyper-active, difficulty with gross & fine motor tasks, can not implement learning tasks. If these signs or others are present and assessment should be given to see exactly where the student is at developmentally so early intervention can be implemented. Social influence during this age period brings children into a setting of socialization with their peers. They become a participant in group settings, contributing to believe, conversation and ideas. Cultural influences come from a child's family and surrounding mesosystem. The daily influences a child receives can shape how they will take to learning, playing games, and even motor skills.

Early childhood...

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Ways for families to increase developmental growth...


1) Encourage your child to explore the world around them. To touch, smell, see and think through the activities and sights they encounter. Have patience with their questions, and answer them with more questions, which causes them to think through situations. Play games with them to increase their understanding of cognitive concepts. Enjoy their amazing minds.2)Physical development can be encouraged by play with your child. Have races to the corner, throw the ball, jump rope. When parents do these activities alonside their child, the child can see the benefit more intensely, along with time spent with mom or dad. 3)Encouraging language is fun. Sing songs with your child that work on language skills. Use materials, such as magnetic letters on the frig to build words thorughout the day. Best of all, talk to your child. They learn best from models of appropriate behavior. So show them how to communicate the right way and they will gain knowledge. .............................................................................



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