Early Childhood Special Education

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Early Childhood Special Education

Early ChildhoodSpecial Education

In the history of education, early childhood special education is a young field that continues to evolve today.



*mandates annual testing*holds schools accountable for student achievement*AYP provisions to close educational gaps *Trend- evidence based teaching trend* increased pressure to teach academics; concern over teaching isolated skills contradicts “transactional model” ; disconnect between policy makers and early childhood experts

* mandated special education services for 3-5 year olds*granted incentives to states to service 0-2 population*created IFSPs & established importance of family roles in intervention*Trend- family rights *legitimized the field of early childhood special education

Rehabilitation Act *prohibits discrimination of people with disabilities *intended to provide equal access to education and its benefits *Trend- individual rights

*update to PL 99-457 *research based programs*inclusion *Trend-Natural environments


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*not an educational law*"civil rights" for people with disabilities*guarantees access to public accomondations, government services, employment, transportation & tele-communications


Rehabilitation Act Section 504

PL 99-457 Education of the Handicapped Act

Americans with Disabilities Act


Elementary and Secondary Education Act,Reauthorization

Stipek, D. (2006). No Child Left Behind Comes to Preschool. Elementary School Journal, 106(5), 455-465. doi:10.1086/505440


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