Early Canadian Medical Treatments

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Early Canadian Medical Treatments


A surgery without anesthesia

Some old wives tales are...................-icecream leads to nightmares-toes slightly pointed upwards signify low blood sugar-eating crusts of sanwiches makes your hair grow very curly and uncontrollable-if you see white spots on fingernails it is due to not eating enough green vegetables-dont swallow gum or it will stay in your stomach for 7 full years

By:Gracie Clinton

Not many early Canadians actually performed a surgery but others brought in surgeons from other places or across the seas.

Early Canadian Medical Treatments

FACTMore than a quarter of all drugs we use today contains active ingredient derived from the same plants early canadian settlers and first nation people used.

Many surgeries were done without anesthesia. Most medical cabinets contained surgery tools, dryed out plants and fluids.

Did you know......Halifax had a very large amount of herbs, medicines, surgeons and they had very good medical care and several hospitals.

In the 18th century many loyalists had brought some army surgeons with them into Canada. The loyalist later on in the 18th century started bringing into canada civilian physicians. Once they had came many people were healthier.

Early Canadian Remedies!!Asthma healing -eating lots of skunk cabbage.Backache - arnica is still used by herbalists today, mainly as rub for muscles and sprains.Burns -early canadians boiled yellow-spined thistle blossoms and applied the resulting liquid to skin sores, burns and blisters.Coughs -white pine, wild cherries and sarsaparilla cure a frog in the throat.Diabetes - eating plenty of wild carrots helps diabetes.Diarrhea -cures are wild black cherries, white oak, geranium, stargrass and black raspberries.Colds -drink lots of fluids, dont drink coffee or much caffeiene and drink green tea.

Early Canadians used such basic plants, foods, and drinks as medicine to treat and cure someones symptoms.

A hospital in the mid 1800's

skunk cabbage

oranges were very good for sick people

Plants/herbs were the best, cheapest and most common medicine that the Early Canadian settlers and First Nations people used.


Medical saddle bag

tools and needles

Surgeons followed small diagrams

By:Gracie Clinton


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