Early Battles

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Early Battles

Three attacks were made, one on Detroit, one on the Mississippi, and one on Niagra Falls. Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry sailed out to meet the British on Sept. 10 to begin the Battle of Lake Erie.

The Creek WarAngry American settlers took up arms against Fort Mims. Andrew Jackson won the battle, and millions of acres of land.

Effects of WarThe Hartford Convention met to end the war. Little did they know the war had already ended. Treaty of Ghent was signed in Belgium to end the war.

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Early Battles

Battle of New OrleansAfter the attack on Washington DC The british hoped to gain control of the Mississippi River. Andrew Jackson, a famous commander was just the man for the job. He stopped the British and became famous after the war.This was also the last major battle

New Orleans

When the war began, the british navy had 100s of ships, and the US had less than 20. None of them were as powerful as the greatest warships. The US navy had well trained sailors so the USS Constitution defeated many warships one on one.

Hartford Convention

War at Sea

Battles along Canada

British Attaks in the East

Britain attacks Washington D.C. They burn down the White House and then they sail on Baltimore. The end up retreating.


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