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An Eagles, thrust, drag, lift and mass.

An Eagles flight adaptations.

*An Eagle uses it's sharp eyesight to fly in many directions.*An Eagle has thicker bones due to diving in for food.*An Eagle uses their claws to defend themselves.*An Eagle has a sharp beak to tear their prey apart.*An Eagle uses it's large wings to gently glide across the sky and to carry food a long ways.

Lengend-Google Images,Eagles-Animal Adaptions and YouTube.


This is an Eagle soaring through the sky.

This is an Eagle kissing it's young.

*An Eagles main food source is, Fish, smaller Birds and Rodents.*There are about 70 000 Eagles left in the world.*An Eagles mating season is anywhere from late September to early April.

Eagle Facts!

This is an Eagle flying through the sky. It's sequence is, Flap-Flap-Flap-Sail.

~Kyani Spilak~

This is an Eagle sitting in it's nest.


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