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Chapter 1: "Odysseus lands in Phaecia" For ten years the trojans fought bravely to save their city of Troy from the Greeks.

Chapter 2: "Odysseus and the cyclops" Odysseus and his man go in a cave and run into a huge cyclops.The cyclops kills two men, so odysseus decides to make a spike out of wood and stab the cyclops in the eye. Then they escape from the cyclops.

Chapter 3: "Odysseus and Circe" Odysseus and his crew land on the home of Aeolus, keeper of winds. Aeolus gave odysseus a bag full of winds. Then odysseus travels to Circe, A powerful goddess. There were animals that were victims of Circe's black magic. So odysseus has to have sex with Circe in order to save his men.

The Odyssey Glog

Chapter 4"The folly of odysseus's men"Odysseus leaves Circe's island and sails off into the sea . Circe warned odysseus that his travels will not be pleasant. She said there are these monsters called Sirens, they use their beauty and their music to lure the sailors to there death. Then she mentioned two other monsters named Scylla and Charybdis.Scylla is a six-headed monster that eats six men.Charydis makes a huge whirlpool with her mouth and sucks everything in.

Chapter 5 "Odysseus Returns to Ithica"Odysseus returns to his homeland to reunite with his men and his family. He now gets to see his son that he has never seen before.




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