E-Waste and the Environment

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E-Waste and the Environment

In our world today people take our earth for granted. We don't realize the impact that our obsession with the new and best technology has on our planet. What can we do as educators to teach our children that recycling e-waste is important to our earth?

E-Waste and the Enviornment

$60 million worth of precious metals are thrown away each year- they are contained in the e-waste filling up the landfills

By: Pamela Yesenosky Sources: Dosomething.org, causesinternational.com,

What is E-Waste??E-waste or Electronic waste consists of any type of electronic that is thrown out. This can include cell phones, laptops, computer screens, CPU units, servers, PDA's- almost any kind of electronic device.These types of things are not created to be thrown away. They are not good for our environment and over time can cause much harm. Currently only 12.5% of e-waste is recycled.

"Electronic waste isn’t just waste, it contains some very toxic substances,such as mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, beryllium and brominated flame retardants. When the latter are burned at low temperatures they create additional toxins, such as halogenated dioxins and furans – some of the most toxic substances known to humankind." -causesinternational.com

Think about the classroom we sit in- it is FULL of future e-waste. Or is it? The computers and CPU units, screens, keyboards and each mouse will not all be at the end of their lives at the same time. Most likely though, the computer lab will be replaced all at once with matching equiptment when these are deemed "out of date". If recycled some peices can be repurposed and other broken down to create new computers. Metals can be melted down and used again. What a difference this would make if e-recycling was more wide spread or required!


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