E.B. Titchener

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E.B. Titchener

-Titchener believed that if the basic components of the mind could be defined and categorized that the structure of mental processes and higher thinking could be determined-Titchener belived that you put together memories of sensations from your past


-Best known for creating his version of psychology that described the structure of the mind called psychology-Brought psychology to the United States and established it as an experimental science-Created the largest doctoral program in the United States-Also remembered for making the English word empathy in 1909 as a translation of a german word

Lasting Legacy

-The idea of structuralism died when Titchener died -With out his careful dictations the field floundered-Structuralism has now been challenged and improved upon but it did influence many schools of psychology today



Chichester, England

Professor at Cornell University-First grad student was Margeret Floy Washburn, who became the first woman to be granted a PhD in psychology

January 11th 1867- August 3rd, 1927

-Main tool that Titchener used to try to determine components of consciousness-Strict guidelines for an introspective analysis -Asked to describe object-Could not say object just use senses to describe it

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