dystopian ya

by katherinebowers
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dystopian ya


It started with The Hunger Games...

To save her sister, sixteen-year-old Katniss volunteers to enter the Hunger Games, a battle to the death.

if you liked theaction



if you liked the glamour

for tough girls like katniss

if you liked theromance

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made for Holyoke Public Library; email katherinegrimmbowers@gmail.com

Imagine a world where you choose your alliance and identity at 16 --and in choosing, could betray everyone you love.

never enough dystopia? check out these!

Imagine: no women, everyone can hear everyone's thoughts...and your dog talks.

Nailer lives in a world ravaged by climate change, working as a scavenger on old boats.


  • rkeskine 9 years ago

    rkeskine's avatar

    This is a great Glog...I love dystopia and have read almost every book on this Glog:-)