Dyslexia Genius in Formation

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Dyslexia Genius in Formation

If trained and assist from a young age Dyslexia turns into a powerful cognitive tool!

•Difficulties with processing auditory information•Difficulties in identifying individual speech or letter sounds•Difficulties in being able to break down words into individual sounds•Not being able to read fluently in line with their peers•Difficulties with writing and punctuation•Poor short term and working memor•Difficulties with identifying the links between sounds and letters

Dyslexia is a medical term given to a specific range of difficulties involved with learning, reading and speech. Many children find it very complex to acquire the necessary for reading, learning, and speaking with ease. Many children who find this process very difficult, have a history of early speech and language difficulties and at times, some of these difficulties may persist.

What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia Genius in Formation


Speech and Language Therapists as well as specialists with specific training in reading and writing may help those with Dyslexia.Speech and language therapy can assist children that present with these kinds of complexities. They can help by - •Giving one to one therapy to help develop the speech sound system•Giving therapy to develop general language skills•Help a child to develop auditory perception and accurate listening skills•Help with sequencing and memory difficulties•Advising parents

Facts & Help

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Dyslexia can be seen as a specific impediment on its own or it can often be presented alongside other complexities like autism and attention deficit disorder. Specialists of speech and dyslexia disorder have determined that these complexities that exist in children will vary. Some children have considerable and complicated difficulty acquiring fluent reading and writing skills, while other children have less marked problems but their reading skills are still of concern at school.



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