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Dyslexia - Becky Jatczak

A Student-Made Video about Dyslexia

Examples of Issues

DyslexiaA Processing Disorder

Spelling Tool

What ISN'T Dyslexia?Dyslexics aren't intelligent - FALSE! Dyslexics simply learn differently and tend to be of above average intelligence.Dyslexia is rare - FALSE, at least 20% of the world's population is dyslexic.

Helpful Websites~dyslexia.com A wonderful resource for parents and educators with lots of helpful information, videos, articles, and more - a great place to start!~dyslexiathinktank.org A great website full of information, dyslexia news, and general information.~dyslexia.com/library/classroom.htm A huge list of wonderful tips and tricks for helping dyslexic students in class, with homework, integration, and subjects like math, spelling, reading, handwriting, and copying information from the board.

What Does Dyslexia Look Like?~Smart but difficulty with reading, writing, or spelling~Left/right confusion~Difficulty using traditional clocks~Seem to zone out in the classroom~Learns better with hands-on rather than verbal or written lessons~Smart but doesn't test well or has severe test anxiety~Tend to be great at math calculation but not at math word problems~Tend to get lost easily and has time management problems

Famous Dyslexics:Robin WIlliamsHenry FordLeonardo da VinciAgatha ChristieCharles Schwab

Parent Resources~ncld.org The National Center for Learning Disabilities website with a special section just for parents and the information they need to help their child.~mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/dyslexia A clinical website with a basic overview as well as an in-depth look into the disorder.

Famous Dyslexics:Magic JohnsonAndy WarholThomas JeffersonCherTom Cruise

Some Strategies for Teachers~Adjust homework according to the child's needs so they don't spend all night doing a 20min assignment~Help facilitate organization by using folders and dividers~Don't ask a student to read something beyond his current level as this will immediately discourage and demotivate him~Use different colors to break up information on the board or on tip sheets so that information can be more easily seen and interpreted

What is Dyslexia?Dyslexia is a learning disorder that affects the brain's way of processing words and sounds, mostly affecting reading, writing, and spelling

Famous Dyslexics:Walt DisneySteve JobsThomas EdisonAlbert EinsteinJohn Lennon


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