[2015] marisa logan: Dislexia

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[2015] marisa logan: Dislexia


What are the genetics of dyslexia?

When do people develop dyslexia?

The words seem to move, scramble, and turn when reading with dyslexia

-sings of dyslexia are very dependent on age-if a child has one or two symptoms, it doesn't mean they have dyslexia-only if they multiple signs, then it would be adventageous to have them tested-adults who are fluent readers can develop dyslexia-any age is suceptable to the disease

-Yale researchers unrvael genetics of dyslexia-The researchers looked at DCDC2 and the gene is associated with the disease-another dyslexia gene is KIAA0319-the gene regulator (Read1) within the DCDC2 gene is correlated to dyslexia

Is there or are people coming up with a cure for dyslexia?

-Most children with dyslexia will only need to miss a few hours of their regular classes each week-to receive specialist one-to-one teaching, or teaching in small groups -A small number of children with dyslexia may need to be transferred to a specialist school-Many specialist schools charge a fee, but financial support may be available

Studies show that people with dyslexia can have a hard time learning, remembering, and gaining knowledge


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