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Where in the world is this conflict: This conflict is between the mainland of China, and the neighboring island of Taiwan in East Asia. Which groups of people are involved and why there is conflict: During the Chinese-Communist revolution, the Nationalist party fled to a nearby island, now known as Taiwan. The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) continues to attempt to obtain the island through proposed bills and policies, while Taiwan, also known as the Republic of China, refuses to unite. With both sides frustrated, tensions continued to rise, sparking demonstrations of military power in both sides. At one point, the CCP put forward an agreement that claimed to give the island political freedom, while in return being reunited with the island. Taiwan refused without a moment of thought.


Reunification        Independence

National Anthem of Taiwan

National Anthem of China


Taiwan wants to be a separate nation from the PRC.

The PRC wants Taiwan to be part of the nation again.

Past proposed solutions and why it failed:At one point, the CCP put forward an agreement that claimed to give the island political freedom, while in return being reunited with the island. "After decades of hostile intentions and angry rhetoric, relations between China and Taiwan started improving in the 1980s. China put forward a formula, known as "one country, two systems", under which Taiwan would be given significant autonomy if it accepted Chinese reunification. This system was established in Hong Kong to be used as something of a showcase to entice Taiwanese people back to the mainland but over the last year it has come under massive pressure with many analysts already questioning whether it still exists in the city. In Taiwan, the offer was rejected, but the government in Taipei did relax rules on visits to and investment in China. It also, in 1991, proclaimed the war with the People's Republic of China on the mainland to be over. There were also limited talks between the two sides' unofficial representatives, though Beijing's insistence that Taiwan's Republic of China (ROC) government is illegitimate prevented government-to-government contact.” from "What's Behind the China-Taiwan Divide"

Past Solutions:

see China and Taiwan on Earth 3D map

Recent Developments:

How I would solve this conflict:  Currently, there is no resolution to this conflict that both parties would agree upon. All China currently wants is for Taiwan to be controlled by themselves. Taiwan, on the other hand, wants to remain free from their large, easily-maddened, neighbour. Taiwan has much more to lose from any engagement, while China loses nothing in a situation where the island stays independant. Because of this, it would be more important for Taiwan to remain self-governed then for China to have more land. However, it is unlikely that the CCP will ever allow this solution unless it is forced on them. There is no current solution that will work for both nations without outside interference. What I suggest is the United States taking steps to recognise Taiwan as a nation, even if it means degradation of USA-China relations. If the CCP has any issue with agreements made by the United States and Taiwan, it is their problem and we should never see it as our own.

My Proposed Solution:


cross-Straits military tensions

which countries "recognize" Taiwan

“first engagement as final engagement”

5 Day "war games" Simulation

Winnie the Pooh Banned

"Bears along the River" ad controversy

President Xi Jinping

President Tsai Ing-wen


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