Dwight D. Eisenhower

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Dwight D. Eisenhower

Dwight D. Eisenhower

34th president of the United States of America 1953 - 1961

World War II

Becomes the first Supreme Commander of NATO(North Atlantic Treaty Organization in 1951. He is then persuaded a year later to run for president as a Republican candidate.

When leaving office, Eisenhower said this, "America is today the strongest, most influential, and most productive nation in the world."

Seven months after becoming president, Eisenhower ended the Korean War with a truce.

Became the Supreme Allied Commander and was responsible for Operation Overlord, or D-Day; liberated European countries under German control.

The Election



The End

By Michael LeeBlock 83/7/14



The Korean war begins in 1950. President Eisenhower visits Korea in 1952 during his campaign and says through his presidency he would seek to end the war.


In 1952, Eisenhower officially begins his campaign for presidency.His slogan was "I Like Ike". He won in a landslide against his opponent, Adlai Stevenson from the Democratic Party.

The Korean War


Brown vs. Board of Education took place in 1954. Eisenhower desegregated the army saying "There must be no second class citizens in this country." He also passed a civil rights bill in 1957 and 1960 regarding African Americans' rights to vote.

In 1956, Eisenhower prevented Britain, France, and Israel from invading Egypt known as the Suez Crisis. After the Eisenhower Doctrine was created, essentially making U.S. the protector of other countries and would give military and economic funds if needed, and if necessary, military force would be used to stop the spread of Communism.

In 1956, Eisenhower signed a bill that would introduce interstate highways. He thought they would be important in case a large city was a target in a war.

Space Race

In 1955, Eisenhower suffered from a heart attack, but would be re-elected for president in 1956 by an even larger margin against Adlai Sevenson for the second time.

In 1958, Eisenhower created NASA(National Aeronautic and Space Administration). He also spent funds on strengthening science and education.

In 1951, Hawaii and Alaska were admitted into the United States of America as offical states.


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