[2016] Lailynn & Mekhi (Anatomy & Physiology): Dwarfism

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[2016] Lailynn & Mekhi (Anatomy & Physiology): Dwarfism

Cause:A Metabolic & Hormonal disorder in which the gene that carries the disorder affects the hormones.Leads to the hormone to stunt the growth within the growth plate.

TreatmentSurgery to correct spine shapeGrowth hormone injectionRedirection of bone growthIncrease space between vertebre to alleviate pressure from spinal cordLimb lengthening

Signs/ Symptoms Short stature Delayed pubertyBow legsHunch backs ScoliosisDental problems

PreventionThere is no prevention but there is treatment to help.PrognosisUsually normal life expectancycontinue to grow at low rates till ultimately no growth Emotional and Social deprevation

Definition:(medical terminology) unusually or abnormally low stature or small size.


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Average age to growth ratio between male and female, as well as, the difference between treatment and no treatment.

Biological stand point of dwarfism and the affect of genes.


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