Dwarf Mongoose

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Dwarf Mongoose

Helogate Parvula

Dwarf Mongoose


Brown fur which is firely grizzled either red or black short legs and long claws thier teeth are adapted to an insect diet. They are native to Swazland, South Africa, andthey can be found in Africa from Somalia to South Africa they feed on insect, snakes, lizards, birds, rodents, fruit, and eggs.

Habitat semiarid weight 1lb size 8 to 12in. long diet carnivorous life expectancy 8 years class Mammalia live between 8-30 members gestation is 50to 54 days. Dwarf mongoose are presentin several protected areas their range and since they attain high densities and have small territories even small protected areas can harbour large populations.

They breed 2-3 times per year usually during the rainy season between October and May. Only the Matriarch is the only female who is allowed to breed. A random fact is that Dwarf Mongoose in French is Mangoust, in German it is Zwergmanguste, in Spanish it is Mangostaenona.


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