Dutch Elm Disease

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Dutch Elm Disease

After the Great War, America was desperate for wood to build houses for the returning soldiers, so they began importing wood from various other countries, including Europe. In Europe their was a fungus that had been killing all of the elm trees for 20 years. So by importing the wood from Europe the elm trees in America began to get the fungus which is what created the Dutch Elm Disease. After some scientists did some research they figired out that the fungus originated in Asia where their trees had develooped a resistance to the disease after millions of years.

Dutch Elm Disease

Where did it come from?

The dutch elm disease was first originally present in Columbus, Ohio but can be anywhere with various elm trees.

There is many things being done to control the species such as disposing of dead elm tree bark, pesticides to kill the disease is being sprayed to kill the beetles which carry the disease and also natural resistance of the disease by the elm trees themselves.

The disease slowly kills the elm tree and then spreads the disease through roots into near by elm trees causing a surplus of diseased elm trees.

The disease was introduced into Ohio by imported wood from the Netherlands that had bugs infected with the disease. The wood was being imported for furniture making but the bugs trasnferred the disease to the living elm trees in Columbus, Ohio.

How did it get into Ohio?

What is being done to control the species?

What is the impact on the enviroment?

By: MaKayla Conners Bell 4

Where in Ohio does it live?


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