Dust Bowl

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Dust Bowl

Dust Bowl

The Dirty thirthies

The Dust Bowl

The Dust bowl was a series of severe dust storms that terrorized the great plains area all throught the United States, and Canada in the 1930s.

Destructive Dust Bowl

The dust bowl was a series of horrible dust storms that terrorized the great plains area throughout the United States and Canada. this due to a heavy drought, over plowing, which dug up the dirt and it sat on top and turned in dust. Previously it was held down by the roots of the natural grasses. The dust was picked up by large wind storms and destroyed crops, livestock, building, and families. Many of the people living there wanted to leave, and a lot of the left to California, and other states, only to find the Great Depression had affected everywhere else as well, and was barely better than where they came from. The Dust bowl had greatly affected the Us, and destroyed their agriculture. It affected many people in many ways, and had dramatically Changed the US.




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