Duma Cornel Lucian - Creative use of Tablets MOOC by EUN

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Duma Cornel Lucian - Creative use of Tablets MOOC by EUN

Duma Cornel-Lucian is father, teacher, curator . Still september 2014 he is also Social Media Manager, trainer in Erasmus Plus http://www.euneoscourses.euI was also COP Leader in 2 EUN Projects .

I teach since 10 years . Sice 7 years I teach SEN students and I help them to integrate new technologies in XXI Century Education using ICT , new online technologies web 2.0 and social media

#tabletcourse MOOC http://www.europeanschoolnetacademy.eu/web/tablets-in-schools

MODULE 1 - Getting started with tablets at school

QUESTION 1: What is your main reason for using or wanting to use tablets in your classroom?According to Horizon Europe School Edition Report 2014 experts ,mLearning or Learning in hand using tablets or mobile phones is now one of the Thrends in XXI Century Education .Fortunatelly, I have the opportunity to use windows phone, Lumia 925 for my personal needs and research and I am verry excited by mLearrning utilities . I teach SEN students and I develop with them all of kind of educationa projects using online technologies, in computers Lab, but for us integrating tablets in the classroom is a Challenge!QUESTION 2: What whole-school challenges do I already face or do I anticipate facing when using tablets?Now we don't have any tablets or mobile devices for SEN students in my school only ICT and AEL Labs . However, I know that nowadays are many useful apps for all of kind of mobile devices who make learning easy and avaible for everyone everywhere . Still this year a new Challenge in our country because Ministry of Education and Scientific Research (Romania) begin to make interactive schoolbooks avaible also for mobile devices in the classrooom https://www.manuale.edu.ro . I hope also our Ministry of Education will make a National project to train teachers in mLearning technology and also to buy the best tablets for our students .QUESTION 3: What classroom challenges do I already face or do I anticipate facing when using tablets?Following Albert Einstein quote: ,,I never teach my pupils. I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn " I am sure that I will be able to integrate with success mLearning technology in my school and my classroom and using new apps I can open gateway through knowledge for my students .Edmodo - I use this edtool to build a PLN, but I didn't use it with my students yet .


Module 2- Using tablets for content creation1.What kind of content can you produce with your class?I involved my SEN students in many eTwinning projects and using wikispaces, GlogsterEDU and other kind of tools I develop their creativity and innovation . Also in eSafety4eTwinners project http://www.lessonpaths.com/learn/i/esafety4etwinners-project/esafety4etwinners-wiki students learn how to use eSafetety new online technologies, tools and apps web 2.0 and social media . What kind of content can we create with tablets?We can create many kind of content : photos, presentations, videos using ipad, tablets or other mobile . I work for this Glog on iPad . With this app we can create awesome online posters with: photos, videos, animations, text. . I never use with my students learning scenarios concepts, but it is a Challenge for me .

Module 3- Using tablets for collaborative learning3.3 Success factors of school-to-school collaboration projectsIn 2008 eTwinning open gateway through knowledge for me and for this reason we obtain 8 EQL . Still now I was involved in more than 50 projects, but unfortunatelly only in 10 % projects we really have involved parteners . I think in a eTwinning project is verry important online collaboration and cooperation between students and teachers involved in a eTwinning project . We never develop a project where my SEN students used mobile devices in collaboration with other students .3.2Challenges of Collaborative Work :Unfortunatelly we can't explorestudent collaboration with tablets because we have only computers and laptops in our school . Although my SEN students didn't use in school mobile devices we develop in eTwinning many kind of projects and we have a verry good collaboration and cooperation with students and teachers around the Europe . Still the begining we choose tasks, activities and expected results . 3.1. Forming Groups for Group WorkFor many students, being in the "right" group is extremely important. To most, the "right" group is determined by the people they will be working with. Most students dread the time when groups are formed in class. For first year students, it is the fear of the unknown. Many do not have extensive collaborative experience and have just come from the highly competitive and individualistic environment of high school. They know few people in their class and even less about how to operate in groups.

Module 4- Using tablets for personalising learning & flipping the classroom 4.1 Learning Styles of your StudentsI am teacher in a special school and all my students are with SEN and we must use for them PIP-uri and I must teach every students depending on the level / type of disability .4.2 Tablets and PersonalisationUnfortunatelly in my school we don't have tablets or mobile devices, but my SEN students are excited to use Glogster Edu and other edtools and applsin AEL Lab .4.6 Top 20 ipad apps for flipped classroom http://bitly.com/Lucianflipclass

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