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The bagpipe is one of the most representative instruments of the Andean cultures . It has played and plays a versatile role and is present in all kinds of traditions , ceremonies , celebrations , dances , ceremonies , etc. There is a huge number of variations and names according to the type and use that are given ; there are one- and two rows of tubes in the form of straight , rectangular or alternating staircase , solo or collective use , with or without bezel and bezel with a great variety in the number of tubes .

¯ ARCA : commonly the ark is a row of rods consisting of 7 tubes , placed so that the smallest tube is on the left and the highest on the right.¯ IRA: Like the ark, with the difference that this has 6 poles


¯ CHILIS : very small and very high sounds Zampoñas ; 15 cm . Approx.¯ MALTAS : the best known of all , of great color and beauty sweet sound ; Medium size 25 cm . Approximately.¯ CLUBS: Zampoña larger than the malts , approx. 60 cm . And more serious tones.¯ TOYOS : Most of all panpipes , the sound is deep , pervasive and powerful as well as its size , can grow to over a meter and a half .¯ butch : dulcimer bringing together the chilis, malts and clubs into one, is characterized by extreme versatility and length scales .

parts and dulcimer

types of panpipes


The bagpipe is an instrument of Andean origin , especially used in the Andean highlands , and in countries like Argentina , Bolivia , Chile, Colombia , Ecuador and Peru .


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