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Duke Ellington

- Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington was born on April 29, 1899- In 1907 Duke took piano lessons from Mrs. Clinkscales- When Duke was 9 years old, he sold peanuts at Washington Senators baseball games- At the young age of 18, Duke dropped out of high school to pursue music full time.- Duke married Edna Thompson in 1918- Mercer Ellington was born on Mar 11 of 1919- On April 29, 1969 Ellington earned the Presidential Medal of Freedom- Edward Ellington died on May 25, 1974


1916-Began to play professionally. 1918-Duke's fist group, The Duke' Serenaders forms1927-Begins engagement in the Harlem cotton club1933-First European tour1942-Recording ban begins in August1944-Recording ban ends in November

-Duke Ellington and his band performed all over the U.S. and Europe before WWl-Duke Ellington's band was always among the top 5 whether it be 1929 or 1969-Most importantly, Duke wrote over 2,000 compositions in lifetime.

Lasting Impact

Duke Ellington was a very iconic figure of the 1920's especially of the Harlem Renaissance. Without the influence he made on the jazz age music may not be where it is today. Ellington set a great example to African Americans everywhere. Duke stayed truley commited to his orchestra and band for over 40 years. The music Duke Ellington composed is still used today and will never grow old.



"Music is how I live, why I live, and how I will be remembered."-Duke Ellington

Duke was an iconic figure of Harlem Renaissance

Duke Ellington and his band in 1937




Johnny Hodges

Johnny Hodges was important to Ellington's band. He was a main soloist and played a part in Duke'sband for over 40 years. ClarinetistBenny Goodman described him as "The greatest man on alto sax he'd ever heard."

Duke Ellington

Such Sweet Thunder



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